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Sausage link cutter DSG 900

Purpose and equipment

Sausage link cutter DSG 900 is a universal link cutter capable to process different types of casings and sausages. The machine can operate in-line or stand-alone.

Информация о доставке
Наша компания осуществляет: ✔ Гарантийное и послегарантийное обслуживание ✔ Своевременное техническое обслуживание оборудования ✔ Консультации по возможностям оборудования, диагностике, устранению неисправностей, настроек ✔ Пуско-наладочные работы ✔ Обучение персонала Заказчика ✔ Тестовые испытания оборудования ✔ Поставка запасных частей, расходных материалов и комплектующих
Информация о гарантии
Вариант доставки: ✔ Самовывоз ✔ Автотранспорт ✔ Железнодорожный транспорт ✔ Авиа транспорт ✔ Судоходный транспорт
Max speed, cut quantity/min
up to 1200 (depends on the product type, casings, product weight)
Casing types
sheep casings, hog casings, collagen, cellulose
Product size, мм
Product length, мм
Power supply
220V, 50Hz
Installed power, kW
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, no more, kg

First quality of cutting is provided by precise positioning of a knife at the twisted spot. An operator can adjust cutting point by means of control panel. Feeding and take away conveyors are to be adjusted to the sausage shape and size and provide precise product placing to the shear mechanism. Shear mechanism is easy for cleaning. The machine is user friendly and easy to operate.