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Applicator Collomat 4310

Purpose and equipment

Collomat 4310 is a modern, easy in operation device, capable of solving tasks as to left-hand orientation machines and using labels of operational width not more than 95 mm.

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Collamat® 4310 labelling system is ideal and affordable choice for standard applications using labels of operational width not more than 95 mm. The system facilitates high labelling accuracy.
Microprocessor controlled drive enables to use the system at the conveyor speed up to 25 m/min.
It also provides the connectivity to digital operator with 8 presets.
Due to the modular design and all types of adapters availability (magnetic, air, tamp-on) the system allows to ensure optimal configuration in accordance with production requirements.
The design facilitates the installation process of in-line printers, scanners and other devices.
Collamat 4310 helps achieve high productivity with excellent labelling quality and precision.