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Automatic dumpling machine AP1020 Pro

Purpose and equipment

Automatic dumpling machine AP1020 Pro model is a new line of automatic dumpling machine development by SIGNAL-PACK. A newly patented multistage system of dough sheeting is applied. Dough sheeting process has become more gradual-four stage. It excludes dough mixing and tear which significantly improves dough elasticity and diminishes dough heating. High productivity and automation together with small footprint.

Max speed, kg/hour, up to
Accuracy, g
Product weight, g
Power supply
3 phases, 380V, 50 Hz
Installed power, kW
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, no more, kg
800 (with a pump)
  • The equipment is made of materials approved to use in food industry. Frame and housing made of stainless steel;
  • All components and surfaces in contact with food are easy for sanitation;
  • Dough cut offs are minimum and might be reused for the next production lot. Different replaceable molding drums might be applied for product molding;
  • Automatic dumpling machine is an assembled unit based on a frame. Stuffing pump is placed on the frame of the automatic dumpling machine which let the whole complex to be movable;
  • The machine might be completed with different filling pump depending on the structure and texture of the filling (screw-type, gear-type, vane-type);
  • The filling is fed through the dismountable stuffing distributor of composite section having minimal impact on the dough structure and providing uniform filling among the rows;
  • The machine design allows to manufacture production from soft and hard wheat. Different dough colour and recipe application is possible;
  • Four stage dough rolling. Dough rolling process excludes dough mixing and “tear”. Minimum dough shrinkage after the product molding;
  • Innovative roller sealing system (without bushings);
  • Nord gears (Germany). Bevel gear units are to be used in the automatic dumpling machine for high energy performance, durability and long life time;
  • Ergonomical design of control location. User-friendly menu;
  • Dough is delivered to the automatic machine hopper by pieces. So there is no need for separate dough rolling and feeding units;
  • Oil-bath lubrication of gears;
  • SKF bearings.
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