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Line for delicate packaging of fragile products

Purpose and equipment

Line for delicate packaging of fragile products in flat-bottom and four-edge sealed bags. Productive capacity –up to 45 pack/min.

Packaging line might be completed with:

  1. Packaging machines: M3A Vario, M3G Vario, M301GM with inclined or variable inclination slope for ready products.
  2. Weighers: SP10-1S, SP16-1S. Special series of weighers for delicate dosing of fragile products.
  3. Feeding conveyor TZ-2PP. Z-type feeding conveyor with side guided modular belt.
  4. Storage hopper with conveying belt BN-5 or BN-4 with vibrating chute and vibrating sifter.
  5. Take-away conveyor for ready packages KUP-2

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