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Thermal transfer Smart Date X40

Purpose and equipment

The SmartDate X40 represents a transparent, advanced coding solution including long term cost control, planet conscious design, greater uptime and increased performance on the line even in harsh environmental conditions.

32(53) mm, 300dpi (12 dots per inch)
Print size (the size of the label), max
Print Speed, mm/sec
up to 600
Continuous printing
Continuous and start-stop mode
Ribbon length
1100 mm
Ribbon Widths
35, 55 mm
Working temperature, °С
Power supply
90-240В, частота 50/60 Гц
Installed power, kW
External Communications
USB-flash drive, PS-232 (binary only)
Remote Coder Configuration Software
CoLOS® Create 5.0
  • New standard 1100 m ribbon reduces changeovers and improves cost per print.
  • Patented ribbon saving features help to minimize ribbon waste.
  • Excellent availability ratio of up to 99.6%* without assistance due to new standard 1100 m ribbon.
  • IP protection kit for installed SmartDate X40.
  • Print speeds up to 600 mm/s.
  • High quality 300 dpi resolution.
  • Up to 50% reduction in power consumption.
  • Up to 20% less ribbon waste with new standard ribbon design.
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