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Multipurpose filling and forming machine EXTRO

Purpose and equipment

Extro machine provides non-stop automatic process of stuffed dough product forming. This automatic machine allows to produce a wide range of products: dumplings, khinkali, cheburekki, meat pirogies, stuffed buns, etc. It is possible to use ground meat, seafood and vegetables as a filling component. EXTRO machine does not demand a qualified set-up personnel as drive speed of each knot (dough feed unit, stuffing feed pump and forming die) is adjusted independently. Integrated with machine closed-cooling system allows to cool dough pieces while extrusion avoiding protein coagulation.

Delivery information
Delivery options: ✔ Customer pick-up ✔ Road transport ✔ Rail transport ✔ Air transport ✔ Sea transport
Warranty information
✔ Warranty and post-warranty services ✔ Prompt maintenance services ✔ Consultations on equipment options, equipment diagnostics, equipment troubleshooting, settings ✔ Commissioning and start-up ✔Customer personnel training  ✔ Equipment trial testing ✔ Spare parts, wear parts and components delivery
Max speed, kg/hour, up to
Number of molding rows
Accuracy, g
Power supply
3 phases, 380V, 50 Hz
Installed power, kW
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, no more, kg
Types of products
Types of packages
Add-on device for making dumplings
Add-on device for making pirogies
Add-on device for making chebureks
Cutting iris diaphragm add-on device
Run-out conveyor
  • Soft, more sticky dough might be used for production
  • Smooth adjustment of the drive speed of all knots
  • Ration control of dough and filling
  • Desired dough thickness
  • Special design of the dough feeding unit (dough can be fed by pieces, no extra pushing of the dough is needed)
  • Self-contained cooling system of the molding tube instead of the water cooling system
  • Gear pump of the dumpling machine allow to use filling in lumps
  • Even edges of a product and full compression of the product edges using softer dough let achieve much better consumer properties of products.
  • Software let create recipes for different types of product and save them in the controller memory of the automatic machine.