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Tray denester UPT-80

Purpose and equipment

Tray denester UPT-80 is designed to automatically pick two trays out of the magazine and place them on the conveyor belt for further filling with the product.

Delivery information
Delivery options: ✔ Customer pick-up ✔ Road transport ✔ Rail transport ✔ Air transport ✔ Sea transport
Warranty information
✔ Warranty and post-warranty services ✔ Prompt maintenance services ✔ Consultations on equipment options, equipment diagnostics, equipment troubleshooting, settings ✔ Commissioning and start-up ✔Customer personnel training  ✔ Equipment trial testing ✔ Spare parts, wear parts and components delivery
Power supply
1 phase, 220V, 50 Hz
Installed power, kW
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, no more, kg

Siemens controller accepts signals from sensors (Festo, Sick) and allows guiding the operation of the device at the highest level.

  • Switch gear Schneider Electric.
  • If an unforeseen situation arises, malperformance or no tare, the denester stops its operation and goes into the standby mode up to up to the follow up remedial actions.
  • Stainless steel design UPT-80 at request.