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Multihead weigher SP10(14)-2ekb

Purpose and equipment

Multihead weigher SP10(14)-2Ekb is designed for automatic dosing of any loose and piece products such as nuts, pasta, chips, meat dumplings, cookies, frozen vegetables, etc.
Besides that, it is workable for dosing of large pieced products where linear weighers do not provide necessary accuracy: spice-cakes, half-finished chiсken, sushki, marsh mellow etc.
Multihead weigher consisits of a round shaped frame with centered cone dispenser and going down vibrating chutes. Product is fed from the dispenser to the vibrating chutes for its further transportation to the storage hoppers and subsequent weighing in weigh hoppers. While product is being accurately weighed next portion of the product is fed to storage hoppers. Central controller is receiving the weighing data from each weighing hopper and determines the closest suitable to the target weight combination of the product. The drop of the chosen weighing hopper is carried out by PLC demand.

Delivery information
Delivery options: ✔ Customer pick-up ✔ Road transport ✔ Rail transport ✔ Air transport ✔ Sea transport
Warranty information
✔ Warranty and post-warranty services ✔ Prompt maintenance services ✔ Consultations on equipment options, equipment diagnostics, equipment troubleshooting, settings ✔ Commissioning and start-up ✔Customer personnel training  ✔ Equipment trial testing ✔ Spare parts, wear parts and components delivery
Number of weighing heads
Max speed, dose/min, up to
Weighing range, kg
Weight sensitivity, g
Dosing accuracy, up to %
0,2 - 4
Weighing basket volume, l
Power supply
3 phases, 380V, 50 Hz
Installed power, kW
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, no more, kg
Central lock
Timing hopper
Feeder with hopper
Conveyer belt-feeder
Prefabricated carcass with platforms and stairs
Special baskets and trays for different products
Submitting conveyor

Remote position control with TFT touch screen colour display and industrial PLC are to be used for input and output of data to the printer or local network.