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Multihead weigher SP10(14)-2ekb

Purpose and equipment
It is intended for automatic dosing of any loose and piece products: nuts, pasta, chips, meat dumplings , the cookies, the frozen vegetables, etc. Especially optimum to use it for dosing of large piece products where linear multihead weighers don’t provide necessary accuracy: spice-cakes, half-finished chiсken , etc.
For small pieced products – candies, chips, pet food, pieced vegetable, pastries, frozen products, vegetable mixes and salads, grated cheese, some meat products…
Productivity and accuracy of dispensing is defined by quantity weight-bearing modules which can be from 10 (house-keeper-variant) to 14. In the mechanism of opening of baskets step-by-step engines are used.
Number of weighting modules
Max speed, doses/min, up to
Weighing range, kg
Accuracy, g
Dosing accuracy, up to %
0,2 - 4
Volume of weighted basket, l
Power supply
3 phases, 380V, 50 Hz
Electric power, kW
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, no more, kg
Central lock
Timing hopper
Feeder with hopper
Conveyer belt-feeder
Prefabricated carcass with platforms and stairs
Special baskets and trays for different products
Submitting conveyor
For input and display of parameters the portable control panel in which is used established TFT the color display with the touch screen and industrial PC the controler, allowing to deduce parameters and the statistical data on the printer or in a local network.
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