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Automatic machine for packaging in a paper bag AFB 60-2

Purpose and equipment
The automatic machine for packing in a paper packet of powdery products of type of a flour, dried milk etc. It consists of a vibration-proof steel frame and established on it of the cartridge for loading of paper packets, the mechanism of opening of the packet regulated on height вибростола for consolidation of a product, mechanisms of folding of top of a packet, scraps, and hot melt closing system.

Min all working parameters of the machine and synchronization of movements of drives is performed by the programmed logic controller. For input and display of parameters it is used uniform (for a metering device and the packing automatic machine) graphical 7 " the display with the touch screen. In an operating time diagnostics of knots and accumulating of statistical data with their conclusion to the display is constantly produced.

Position of a table of the automatic machine (packet height) is regulated by an electric drive and remembered in memory of programs.

The automatic machine is synchronized with various types of metering devices: weight (multiheads) or volume.

The automatic machine can be completed with the automatic machine of group packaging of packets in thermoshrinkable film AGU30.
Max speed, pack/min, up to
0,5 kg – up to 30; 1,0 kg – up to 30; 2,0 kg – up to 20
Sizes of applied packages, mm
0,5 kg – 50х75х240; 1,0 kg – 70х100х240; 2,0 kg – 85х120х305
Capacity to program data, up to
Hot melt closing system
hot melt
Power supply
3 phases, 380V, 50 Hz
Working pressure, MPa
Airflow, no more, Nl/min
Electric power, kW
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm
Weight, no more, kg
Types of products
Types of packages
The replaceable complete set for AFB30
Automatic sleev wrapping machine AGU30
Termal transfer printer
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