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Line for delicate packaging of fragile products

Purpose and equipment
Packaging line for delicate packaging of fragile confectionery products in packages with a flat bottom and procooking of lateral sides. Max speed to 45 pack/minutes.

Can include:

1. Packing machines: МZА Vario, М3G Vario, М301GM with inclined or with a variable path of passage of a product.

2. Multihead weighers: SP10-1S, SP16-1S. A special series multihead weighers for delicate packing of fragile products.

3. The submitting conveyor TZ-2PP. The submitting Z-shaped conveyor with a plastic tape with a board.

4. The bunker the store with tape conveyor BN-5 or BN-4 with vibro current and sifter crumbs.

5. The conveyor of assignment of packages KUP-2
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