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Advanced technologies of weighing and packaging

Over 25 years of experience, over 30 patents

Own modern production

Full cycle:
from design to assembly

Dumpling machines:

for products of dough with different fillings

New equipment

Max speed, kg/hour, up to
Number of rows forming
Max speed, kg/hour, up to
Accurancy, g
Multihead weigher SP10(14)-2S
Combinational multihead weigher SP10 (14)-2S are intended for automatic dispensing of the cooled products: cottage cheese, meat, chicken semifinished products, etc.The Multihed weigher SP10(14)-2S is specially designed for these purposes.

Productivity and accuracy of dispensing is defined by quantity weight-bearing modules which can be from 10 (house-keeper-variant) to 14. In the mechanism of opening of baskets step-by-step engines are used.

For input and display of parameters the portable control panel in which is used established TFT the color display with the touch screen and industrial PC the controler, allowing to deduce parameters and the statistical data on the printer or in a local network.

Calibration of weight baskets is made manually by reference weights.

Design of a metering device and the applied materials allow to assort quickly a metering device for sanitary processing.
Number of weighting modules
10, 14
Max speed, doses/min, up to
Number of weighting modules
10, 14,16, 20
Max speed, doses/min, up to
Automatic weighing and labeling line LVM70
Automatic feeding, weighing and transportation of the product, automatic printing and labeling. Speed up to 70 packs / min. Integration with any type of packaging machine.
Line for delicate packaging of fragile products
Line for delicate packaging of fragile confectionery products in packages with a flat bottom and procooking of lateral sides. Max speed to 45 pack/minutes.

Can include:

1. Packaging machines: МZА Vario, М3G Vario, М301GM with inclined or with a variable path of passage of a product.

2. Multihead weighers: SP10-1S, SP16-1S. A special series multihead weighers for delicate packaging of fragile products.

3. The submitting conveyor TZ-2PP. The submitting Z-shaped conveyor with a plastic tape with a board.

4. The bunker the store with tape conveyor BN-5 or BN-4 with vibro current and sifter crumbs.

5. The conveyor of assignment of packages KUP-2

Packaging equipment from SIGNAL-PACK

Signal-Pack has been successfully manufacturing and selling packaging equipment for the food industry since 1994.

Over the years, the geography of customers of food packaging and packaging equipment produced by Signal Pak has expanded significantly: it's not only in Yekaterinburg, but all of Russia as well as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Spain, Canada, the Baltics and other countries.

The range of products also increased: our equipment fully meets the requirements.

Packaging equipment for a variety of food products

  • small-piece (confectionery, macaroni, nuts, snacks)
  • loose (cereals, sugar, tea)
  • dusting
  • powdered (flour, powdered milk)
  • frozen (semi-finished products, vegetables, seafood)
  • brittle (cookie)
  • liquid and sticky food products (milk, cottage cheese)

Gulfood Manufacturing 2018 results

Gulfood Manufacturing - the largest food & beverages trade show of the Middle East - took place on November 6-8-th 2018 Dubai, UAE. 

16.11.2018 16:56:00

SIGNAL-PACK waits for you at RosUpack 2018

We invite you to visit SIGNAL-PACK booth no. B311 at the international exhibition RosUpack 2018 which will be held June 26 - 29, 2018, International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo, Pavillion 3, Hall 15.

04.06.2018 14:38:00

SIGNAL-PACK will participate at Foodtech KRASNODAR

Dear partners, we invite you to visit the exhibition Foodtech Krasnodar - 2018. The event will be held in Krasnodar from 24 to 26 April 2018.

13.04.2018 11:15:00

Аgrocomplex-2018 exhibition was held in Ufa

28th International exhibition “Аgrocomplex-2018” and its business part Agro-Industrial Forum were held in Ufa from 13 till 16 March.

23.03.2018 16:11:00

Dumpling machine AP250(350) in Canada

Signal-Pack Company provides supplying of its patented equipment to Canada.


New line for farmer cheese production in Glazov

The equipment of ECOCOM company from Bulgaria, which has performed well at the launch of the first lines, will increase the production of products from 5.5 to 11 tons per shift.


Geography of our customers